With sheer pride, we announce the exchange listing of our CKM token on Probit Global.Trading starts on 22nd November.

World's first decentralized media platform that incentivizes its ecosystem

What is Cryptoknowmics?

Cryptoknowmics is an innovative and decentralized platform that strives to be the top destination and the largest media portal in the crypto space and an all-in-one solution for information and services for the industry

Why Use Cryptoknowmics?

Pin-point Accuracy

We publish correct and reliable information which is reviewed thoroughly by our talented and trustworthy staff.

Real-time News

Cryptoknowmics is always a step ahead of others in reaching the exact source of a news story and breaks it to its audience before others.

One-stop Solution

The platform aggregates crypto news from more than 3000 sources into a single platform enabling users to stay updated with the crypto world.

User Friendly

We enable users to give feedback, publish their own articles, participate in an open discussion forum, play games and win tokens.


Our innovation lies in incentivizing the user for almost every action they take on the platform including simply reading a news release or an article.

Use of AI

Cryptoknowmics plans to integrate AI based detection and removal of fake news from the platform to ensure authenticity for its audience.

Our DeFi Platforms

Auction Portal

Cryptoknowmics hosts a smart contract for decentralized auction allowing people to bid on tokens available on its platform.

Job Portal

Cryptoknowmics runs a decentralized job portal on its platform which will ensure an unbiased selection procedure.

Prediction Market

Cryptoknowmics offers a dedicated space for people where they can predict token values and the implemented smart contract will decide the closest prediction.

Crypto Games

Cryptoknowmics’ decentralized platform helps execute all kinds of games and decides the winner in an unbiased way.

Crowdfunding Platform

The Cryptoknowmics platform will leverage its decentralized platform to usher in opportunities of judicious use of technology and crowdfunding principles.

Exclusive Crypto News

Cryptoknowmics incentivizes crypto reporters for delivering original news. Such content is exclusive and publicly available to platform consumers free of cost.


The Cryptoknowmics whitepaper offers a detailed authoritative report about the complex issues that currently plague the crypto space and how Cryptoknowmics can play an instrumental role in plugging these problems and taking cryptocurrencies to the masses.


Find all the information about the various aspects of CKM token release, its target market segment, tokenomics, and roadmap.

Token Sale Terms & Conditions

Scout through Cryptoknowmics whitepaper to find insights about the CKM token sale and terms and conditions of purchase.

Two Pager

Have a quick look at the Cryptoknowmics Two Pager to glance through the many benefits that this decentralized platform can offer.

Our Mission

Cryptoknowmics aims to be the biggest media platform in the crypto niche and serve its users with the latest updates and information in the crypto domain. Through its accurate news that are covered with a nuanced approach and other updates on the crypto world, Cryptoknowmics seeks to deliver a complete and detailed review of the market to its esteemed users. Cryptoknowmics is deeply committed towards providing its users with the most genuine updates and information, which is evident from its efforts to apply artificial intelligence in all its operations to weed out fake news.


Breakdown of our Token Economics.

Start Time

July, 2019

Token Name

Cryptoknowmics Token

End Time

Until Hard Cap Reached

Token Symbol


Total token supply

10 Bn

Token Type


Token pricing

as per schedule

Hard Cap

10 M

Phase Token/ETH NO of ETH
1 208,333.33 1200
2 185,185.19 1350
3 166,666.67 1500
4 151,515.15 1650
5 138,888.89 1800
6 125,000.00 2000
7 111,111.11 2250
8 100,000.00 2500
9 89,285.71 2800
10 84,745.76 2950


Cryptoknowmics is developing a global data-driven decentralized platform for information and services for the world.

Q1 2019
Cryptoknowmics beta portal

Q2 2019
CKM mobile app - Android & Apple
Airdrop Platform

Q3 2019
Token Private Sale
Crypto Store
NLP based News Reading

Q4 2019
Guest Blog
Token distribution platform for authors and end users

Q1 2020
Beta Phase of Prediction Markets

Q1 2021
Auction portal
Job portal
Prediction listing

Q2 2021
Crypto Games
Exchange Listing

Q3 2021
Dex integration

Q4 2021
Crypto Index

Q1 2022
Defi beta phase

Q2 2022
Offical launch of defi platform (auction and job portal)

Q3 2022
offical launch of defi platform (prediction and crypto games)
ICO/STO funding lauchpad beta version
Ai base new sentiment analysis

Q4 2022
Arbitrage - 100 + exchange and 10000+Trading pairs
Ai based fake news detection
ICO/STO runding launchpad

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